Us Versus Them

Us versus them
Rules collective psyches today
We are the best
Beat, batter the rest
It’s no longer hearsay
We deal with a new norm

Didn’t we vend diversity
Took pride, not so long ago
Alas, now it’s subdue and conform
Pass it off as no great reform
Sounds, pens of sanity in limbo
Muffled, helpless in inactivity

Have nothing to learn
From those beyond our realm,
Geography and contours
And our celebrities deride the colours
Of the winning soccer team
Hubris has left rest stern

Never short of irony
A proud winner in a distant land
Swears by our symbols,
Boosts egos, yet decried for spoken skills
other than her job on hand,
By those mentors and in authority

Being lovely is not adequate<span class
Need to be light in skin and fair
Why fast selling brands have tolled
And our own Baba too has indeed sold
the idea into being a major share,
Dusky girls not all that great

Swathe oneself in gold
Swagger and flash gem and jewellery
Primetime soaps trot gods and nerds bedecked
And sold and extolled by big guns baritoned
Blinded, we look away from the penury
Demography, where’s the dividend?

Us versus them..